Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Post #2 Children's Picture Book

Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Published: 1947
ISBN: 0064430170

      Picture books were first published in 1484. The first one that was published was Aesop's Fables. Fables are short stories which depict a moral and teach a lesson to children. The theme of the fable and the characters are appealing to children.

      The characters of the fables are usually or always animals who act and talk just like humans but are still an animal. The fables are short reads to keep the child focused and the fables feature animals that children love.

      A Picture book consists of a high concentration of Dolch words (sight words), the 3 Rs (rhyme, rhythm, repetition), good picture to text match, and promote interactive discussion. 

     There are many types of picture books. Some are baby books, interactive books, toy books (pop-up), alphabet books, and counting books. There are Concept books (explain an activity), Pattern books (picture books that strongly emphasize word patterns) and sometimes Predictable books (Brown Bear Brown Bear).

     The book I chose to blog about is "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. The book was first published in 1947 and is depicted as a highly acclaimed bedtime story.Goodnight Moon is a classic children's tale. The text of the book is a poem written in rhyme, describing a rabbit's bedtime ritual of saying goodnight to objects in the rabbit's bedroom.

     As popular as this book is, I did not read it until 2009. My son had come home from school and he kept repeating, "Good night cow jumping over the moon." When I asked him what he was saying, he told me, "Goodnight Moon Mommy." He then said his teacher read this book to him in class.

     We took a ride to Barnes and Noble  and purchased the book. That night, I sat down with my son to read Goodnight Moon. To my amazement, my son spoke every line on the page (he memorized the story). After putting him to bed, I sat on the couch and read the book to myself. I enjoyed reading every line, looking at every picture, and the sentiment behind this book.

     Goodnight Moon is truly an amazing children's picture book and I would love to read this book to my students. I do not know as of yet how I would share this book with students, but I know I will come up with a phenomenal lesson for it.


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  1. It sounds like your son’s teacher picked a good picture book for the class or at less for your son. Your son loved it so much that he memorized the story. The book must be like music to his ears. Like for us when we hear a song that has catchy lyrics to it, we would memorize it even if we hate the song. We would catch our self singing that song sometimes. We are in the year of 2010 and the book was published in 1484, it is so nice to know that books don’t ever get old. Thanks for including the fact that Goodnight Moon is a classic children’s tale in your blog, I didn’t know that. Now I am curious of the book I am going to read it myself.